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Sunday, June 24, 2012

One Sunday Morning (Pink Sisters and Balinsasayaw)

Sunday--means mass.
So that morning, our family went to Tagaytay City to hear the word of God at Pink Sisters Adoration Chapel. Mass is scheduled every Sunday are 7:30am and 5:00pm. While, mass starts at 6:30 am during weekdays. The chapel had always been filled up an hour before the mass starts. Tagaytay had not only been known by it's famous tourist spots and delightful restaurant but also with numerous monasteries within the vicinity.

Ever since I was a little, I had always been curious on what the nuns look like beyond the bars of the altar. The place is still very peaceful,the quiet sign boards are found in every corner. The wide garden area, the statues and parking lot are still the same, just as clean and very well kept as before. They still have a gift shop on the side where people can purchase rosary bracelets, rings, breads and cookies which actually tastes good. You'll also notice that some people will bring out their pens and get a piece of paper and envelope on the wings of the chapel after the mass has ended. This had been known for years now, you may write down your prayer and the Pink Sisters will help you pray it to God. Drop boxes are just located at both sides of the chapel. Now how to get there, if you're from Manila, you may take a bus going to Batangas. While, if you're from higher land you may take a ride going to Dasma. When you're already along the Emilio Aguinaldo Highway. Look for "D' Banquet" restaurant, that's the landmark located at the corner of the Pink Sisters road, Maitim II East. The convent is found at the end of that street.

After mass, we had our family brunch at Balinsasayaw. It's located at Brgy. Luksuhin, Silang, Cavite. It's just along the Emilio Aguinaldo Highway so it's easy to notice. If you like "cottage/kubo-kubo" style  restau then you might want to check this out. So I guess, I'd be leaving you with some photos now. Ciao! :) ~Jannah
Naaah it's not in Palawan. They're just advertising it.

Duty Free Shots

Hello! :)

So this is actually a very late post haha!
But no regrets nor apologies on my part. I don't force myself to blog whenever I don't feel it or I'm busy.
Hey! It's my hobby (or passion) not just a scheduled thing to do IMO.
More than willing to share my real/genuine *crazy* thoughts late than make an up-to-date forced one.

Here's my latest Duty Free experience. It was last May of this year, just when my dad arrived home. He's a chief marine engineer in case you guys are wondering. (Hey! We are not rich to tell you. We just have what we need and some of what we like. Not may be some or rather, most of you are! Aiyee! Aminin may be some of you are even bigtime heiress! I-charity mo na yan friend! JK! :p

Anyway! Here's some shots I've taken inside the Duty Free.
I just love shopping there since they're tax free.
Random shots taken inside:

Got a glimpse of MAC's latest collection!

So there you go, I bet most of you had been to Duty Free already!
If you haven't then this photos might help you have an idea. It's not too big like MOA that you might get lost. And here, the entrance is on the front of the mall and then if you want to go to the exit, you must walk all the way to the other end, the grocery area. (Nice tactic Duty Free! Nga naman madadaanan mo lahat ng items nila!)

You may see my purchases that I've done a review HEREI also hope there will be more selection for Swiss watches, ugh, the nice chunky wrist watch that I like are Japan Movement (which my parents don't prefer).
I haven't been to any other Duty Free other than this one located in Pasay and the small one inside the NAIA. I also wonder what does the other Duty Free stores look like. Oh! I remember I have also shopped from the one in Subic (I dunno what specific city/area sorry). It isn't as big and complete (But kudos to the disciplined drivers and citizens of Subic).

You might be interested to see more from Duty Free Philippines.
Here's their website:

Hope you enjoyed the photos I've posted.
What's your Duty Free experience?
Feel free to comment down below.


FTC: This is a very random genuine sharing by the author.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Being a blogger...

I just want to share my two cents on blogging...

I just started blogging on mid or last week(I'm not sure) of Aug 2011. Started with my passion for makeup and beauty-related stuffs until I fell in love with blogging and just share my thoughts on a particular product. Lemme do this in enumerated format, seems to be boring to read if it's all in paragraph right?!

I like...
-I like the most on blogging is to be able to share my opinion on stuffs that I've tried already. The readers will be able to see swatches, gain initial idea on whether to buy a product or not, introduce them to new products on the market. In general, I like the fact that I can help to my readers through my efforts on blogging.
-I also like that through my blogging, I can share by hosting giveaways. My heart is filled with joy whenever the random winner really appreciated the prizes and get back to me (coz' I think I'm also appreciative that's why I like an appreciative person too).
-I like the fact that you'd get to meet a lot of people online. You'd stay connected and more updates, sharing and chikka galore. It's all about being socially interactive worldwide.
-I like the advantages and perks on blogging since I get to try out things first or for free. It's nice to know that companies/sellers want to know your thoughts on their products. But personally, I let them know that I will provide genuine reviews regardless if the goodies were sponsored.
-Bottom part is...I just really like what I'm doing. I'm very passionate about it. Despite my heavy schedule with my profession, I still try to give time to my blog and channel. To me, it's not about being a blogger actually, it's more of my self-contentment and doing what my heart desires.

I hate...
-The fact that you blog, you get to publish your thoughts also means that people would either agree or disagree on you. Be aware that there are really mean people who bash around and throw hate if they want.
-The people who asks questions and advertisement unethically.
There are different kinds:
-People who will ask you numerous questions that could actually be found or search on net. They just want "spoon-feeding". And the most unethical question that I got was like, what's my blog layout codes, can she copy daw. I was like "huh?". It's not admiring, it's already imitating, which isn't good for me. I worked hard for my blog, striving to become a unique one and IMO a genuine blog will reflect the bloggers personality then another will just "copy".
-People who will ask for countless advertisements of there blogs. Am I an advertising agency? I also started on nothing, I know how it feels, but really...and "Super" honestly...if you want to gain something then work hard and naturally people will notice and recognize it. You don't need to push it because you'll just gain "false" or ungenuine followers or readers. I prefer quality over quantity. It's also becoming a trend that bloggers just want the perks of blogging, your audience will feel that, think of your credibility. After all, it's your name and persona at stake right? I believe that if you want to achieve something, then start from the bottom, work hard, just let it come naturally and shall then you'll see that through time you'll become more established and successful. I like people that I see striving and working and knows how to be grateful after you've helped them. Be careful with "user-friendly" people.

I answer mails, tweets and etc. but I also know that some are being abusive of me being nice to them. It's really hard to weigh people sometimes 'coz they'll be nice to you if you have giveaways but after that don't expect them. That's why I really value the sweet people, who, in return to my efforts also take time to comment or view my accounts. 

Overall, Being a blogger is fun! Just be consistent with your effort on blogging. But personally, I get to finish a post in less than an hour, the secret is just be natural...let your true thoughts on a product or let's say post, flow naturally. It's not really a time consuming session if you're genuine enough. What's time consuming is filming for my channel because of editing and stuffs. Also, I learned how to deal with different kinds of individuals. Know what, when a person throws a stone on you (itirador mo sa kanila CHOS!jk!) just be polite by ignoring them. Those kind of people aren't worth your wrinkles. As long as you know you didn't made anything bad then the problem is with them already (most likely insecurity or jealousy). But if you know to yourself that you made a mistake, be true to, accept your mistake and learn how to apologize (What I've learned from my dear parents). It's actually just a matter of how you deal and interact with other people. It's really nice to find a real friend online or through blogging.

As long as I enjoy what I'm doing, I'll pursue it. I learned lot's of things through the months of blogging.
 Let's see more after the years to come! I'm ready to learn more! 
Hope you'll still be there as I age in this industry (industry talaga?!parang showbiz lang noh?!LOL!)
Alright I need to do something already...

Feel free to share your thoughts down below!


Friday, May 4, 2012

200 Pound Beauty

Hi guys!
Just wanna share this great movie that I've watched for several times already...

Always believe that no matter what your weight is, what you look like or what you always lies within.

Credits: I do not own this video. Just watched it online too.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Hi everyone!
My mom and I went to SM yesterday, April 29.
No this time it isn't for movie, it's for shopping spree *Yey!*

So to cut the story short, we first dropped by at Payless. I like Payless. They should change their name by Paymore haha! I went straight to my size area but I didn't found any pair that I like and my mom too. We went to several boutiques but it's just the same scenario. We finally decided to go at SM Department store. We have more options there we thought. Here's my shoe haul. I terribly need new foot wears, I know!

Then we dine together at a newly opened Singaporean restau named Hainanese Delights.

We ordered...
Hinanese Delights
Chicken Heaven
 Here's their rice serving... they're actually rice-all-you-can! But naaah thanks :p
Sweet Surrender and Blue Bubbly
So overall, I'd say that our dinner was okay but not very satisfied. The Chicken Heaven taste better than their Hainanese Delights. Seems odd...

My mom went to Skin Perfect and I had no patience on waiting, just sitting around the clinic and wait for her so I rather went shopping more and here's the satchel bag that I found...I'm pretty much addicted to purse even before and I love collecting them!

So my loving mom and I went home at around 10pm. We had a great day! I love my mom and she's like a best friend to me, with more respect of course! And she's a cool and techy mom! Haha! My friends also call her mamsy, as what I usually call her. Love yeah mamsy! :) 

So how was your weekend guys?
Hope you had a blast too!


The Avengers (2012) + Tryin' out BAR-B-KING

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to share what happened on me yesterday, April 28 (Saturday).
So me and my bff Belle, (lola belle and lola jah as we call each other) went to SM to watch The Avengers. We actually wanted to have a mini reunion but unfortunately our other friends weren't available. We first went to Popperoo, got a bucket of BBQ popcorn to munch and drinks, which was actually consumed before we went inside the movie house LOL! The line was so looooong! I advise that you get reservations before the day you plan to watch it if you have no patience on waiting. IMO, the long wait was super worth it! The movie was awesome! I don't wanna be a spoiler so I guess I'll just leave it as it is. Don't you dare miss this movie! It was action/adventure with a touch of comedy! We had a good time! :)

We then stroll around, window shopping at department store, etude house and etc.
About 9pm (LOL so late!), we felt hungry and stumbled at BAR-B-KING Charcoal Grilled Barbeque.
My bff treated me this dinner, thanks lola! 
Here's what we ordered:
Grilled Angus Beef Belly for P150
Honey Chicken Bar-B for P115
 Each meal comes with a soup and drink
The Honey Chicken Bar-B tastes better than Grilled Angus Beef Belly in our opinion, more worth the penny! We didn't really enjoyed the food since they were almost closing so we had to eat fast. And knowing myself I can not do that, I want to take my time on eating my food. So after noticing that only few customers are left with us, we just took it out after eating some on our plates. The crews were actually nice, they greet and ask what else is needed. However, in the end, we still prefer Mang Inasal or Chicboy but it's nice that we did get to try out dining here. It's located at the lower ground level, annex of SM Dasma Palapala.

I had a great time with my bff! It's so nice to catch up with your real close friends!
Although we make chikka a lot on phone, it's still different when you're together haha!
Love yah lola bff!

Thanks for reading my post...
Have you watched The Avengers already? Whatcha think?
Or have you tried Bar-B-King already?


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gentri Medical Center and Hospital is now LOOKING FOR MEDICAL STAFFS AND INVESTORS!

To become the Premier Tertiary – referral hospital in General Trias, Cavite and nearby communities.


To provide the best quality healthcare system in Cavite area within a sustainable and globally oriented medical center with compassionate professional and specialized staff.
GENTRI MEDICAL CENTER and HOSPITAL, INC. is a SEC registered corporation (SEC Registration Number: CS201100524) with a 50 Million Initial Capitalization. The project was initiated by founder and managers of various tertiary hospital in Metro Manila and Southern Tagalog area. Fifty (50) founders consisting of medical specialists, professional and businessmen of diverse hospital and business affiliations have united themselves to harness their abilities and experience to build a modern medical facility at General Trias, Cavite. Construction commenced on April, 2011. The project is highly endorsed by the Mayor and Sangguniang Bayan of General Trias, Cavite. Sangguniang Resolution Number: 10-65 (December 2010)

The establishment of a modern health care facility is a tedious and detailed undertaking that requires multi-million peso funding couped with a dedicated management group with specialized and compassionate medical staff.

With the people behind GMCHI, the sucessfull outcome of this project is practically assured even before the actual construction of the hospital building commences. 

As stated above, the GMCHI IS




GMCHI is here to promote and protect your health and at the same time inviting you to be a part-owner of the new 100 bed modern medical center with benefits no other HMO can match! It's a lifetime health benefit with dividends! 

Investing in GMCHI is better than buying into Club of Golf shares, you don't pay monthly dues, your medical benefits to you and your family is assured for life!

Investing in GMCHI is better than an HMO health care insurance, there are no monthly premiums, there are no exclusions in medical coverage as every illness is covered, you even have the privilege to suite room accommodation.

The investment is very minimal compared to tons of medical benefits.

Best of all, your investment earns dividends in the long term while it appreciates in value as the hospital progresses onwards.

If you're interested to take part as an investor, feel free to comment down below for further questions or inquiries.


GMCH is now accepting application: NURSES, MEDTECH, RADTECH, ADMIN positions...

Interested applicants must personally submit resume to Ms. Janet Calderon (Nurse Supervisor) at GenStar Plaza, GenTri Industrial Clinic across the Walter Mart Manggahan General Trias, Cavite. Some of the requirements include passing the entrance exam, living within the area unless otherwise willing to relocate, undergo training prior to Hospital operation, preferably single, and other requirements shall be discussed further by the Nurse Supervisor or the person-in-charge.

Your support is very much appreciated!

Thank you!

Jannah Lopez

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Beautiful Faces

 Hey lovelies! :)

I just wanna share with you my top beautiful faces worldwide (well not really worldwide LOL)
but yeah, this are the faces that made me think that the world is really unfair (LOL! :p).
Seriously, they are my inspiration of beauty (sort of like that) and I truly admire their stunning faces.

Alright so the following photos are in no particular order okie dokie? ^.~
Idc if they're an artist, model or what, this list I'm sharing is only based on their physical appearance.
I don't really stalk on their profiles or projects to know their personality and etc.

So yeah, Lemme share with you my short take on beautiful faces...

She's so pretty! 
Idc if she underwent on an operation/plastic surgery or what 
(At least she have $$$ to spend on cmon?!). 
So yeah, her gorgeous face is definitely included on my list.

Love her as Lee Min Ho's leading lady on Korean Drama City Hunter. :)

Love her so much in "My Girl"! :)
Idc 'bout her surgeries too, she's a big star cmon'! :)


Who wouldn't love this SHOWTIME princess?!

Of course who wouldn't adore B's fashion?!
She's absolutely adorable!

I love her hair, hooded eyelids and lip shape.
I also like her dress styles.

Pimchanok Leuwisetpaiboon
I like her as "Nam" on a Thai Movie Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

I actually don't know if there are any similarities in particular 
but obviously they're all pretty in general.

So yeah, do we have the same taste?
yes or no do comment below!
I'd love to hear your opinions.

BTW, on locals, I also like Christine Reyes, Kristine Hermosa, Toni Gonzaga, Solenn Heussaff and Jessi Mendiola :)

On males, I like Lee Min Ho, Mario Maurer, Lee Dong Wook, Jerry Yan, Lee Joon Hyuk and no local male personality (Haha!)

Thanks for reading and TIA for commenting! :)