Wednesday, January 4, 2012


(Originally posted on Aug 31, 2011 in a different blog host)

Years of friendship..turned to best friends..turned to lovers..hopefully to be husband and wife.. :)
While I'm making this blog, we are on our 2 years and 4 months already, including the 10 months of long distance relationship. His family moved to California while I'm left here in the Philippines. Yes it's hard but if you're both making the efforts to make relationship work, everything will be easier. Constant communication, faith and true love are needed to surpass the distance between us. I think I'm lucky to have him, he really makes effort to show me his love despite our current situation. Next good thing  about our relationship is that we started out as friends then best friends, so we can talk about anything to each other comfortably. He also likes what I like and seems like adapting each other's dialogue and actions LOL. Of course we also had some differences and some unwanted attitudes but we try hard to change them and constantly remind each other that it's not being helpful to our relationship. We still pray, eat and watch movies together even on skype ( Oh yes before I forget, thanks to latest technologies we could still talk to each other despite the time difference of almost 15-16 hours.)
I remember back on our high school days where we first met each other. I was always bullying him at the start LOL, we went on same high school then eventually became close to best friends but we went on different universities when were college. It was second year college when he started courting me,  he courted me for more or less a year. I'm not an easy-to-get type of girl. I want to prove if a guy is really worth answering. I'm glad I was right, he was my first boyfriend and I was his first girlfriend LOL. Oh, that also helped our relationship, we were like discovering our teenage years together, sort of growing up together I guess. It's more exciting for me that way, no one is left out on both of you. We shared a lot of good moments together. Our hobbies are watching movie and pigging out LOL. We earn fats together! LOL. But we still mind of healthy lifestyle that's why we went on to gym together. I also want to share with you that no matter how we do almost all things together, we still have time for our friends, it was also a good thing that "my friends turned out to be his friends, his friends became my friends", He helped me on our thesis, he's like a groupmate already LOL, and I help him on his school works too. You have to balance your time with your family, friends and special someone, even time for yourself. Oh, and we are both legal to our parents, I think because they can see that we are both responsible. And then suddenly he told me that they will leave the country because their visa was now approved. What did I do at that time? Of course cry,who would be happy to know that your loved one will leave soon. While we still have time to be together, we made sure to spend quality time with each other despite busy schedules. Oct 30, 2010 was the saddest day of my life. Fortunately I have my family and friend to support me. Hey, it's not yet the end of the world okay, I still have a life, rather than being messed up and cry, consider the positive aspect of the situation, these might just be a test for us. He is still alive, just a few miles away (I mean million miles away). We took this as a positive  challenge and the goal is to see each other again with achievements (We are on our young adulthood). He was one of my inspiration while taking my Nursing Licensure Exam which I passed (YEAH!). It was also so sweet of him to take Navy on US so that he could get citizenship easily and petition me as his fiance'. Hearing his plans which always includes me makes my heart smile. Aw okay I don't want to cry as I'm typing this blog. I'm going to leave you with some inspirational message that might be helpful in maintaining a good relationship even long distance. "Don't do to me the things that you don't like me to do to you. "- We always keep this on mind. No one knows who will you end up with, but you will always have the choice who is worth the chance :)
Here's some photos of us:)

Bryan & Jannah

us on skype

haha he s so adorable

some more photo of my bouquets from him

He made an effort to still give me flowers though he s far:)

his valentine chocolates for me (2010)
We are really looking forward to the date that we will see and hug again each other. As we said, one day, I'll see you again and never let you go.... ONE DAY....
I wanna know what's your love story, tell me...(Just make sure that I'm not busy and I'm in the mood for chitchatting hahaha . I admit I'm moody but in a tolerable sense LOL)