Sunday, January 29, 2012


     My bf went home last Jan 20,2012. Of course, we have to spend quality time together before he leaves P.I. again on March 1. From then, we always hang out on different restaurants, eating all our favorite foods and meet with our friends. Last Jan 28, Saturday, we met up with his best friend from High school. The three of us had buffet lunch together with my bf's family at CARL CED'Z  GRILL & RESTAURANT. We didn't stop food tripping there, mga gutom pa daw haha! 

    We had our dinner at Yellow Cab Dasma, infront of De La Salle University Medical Center(UMC) Hospital. Bryan, my bf, ordered two 18" pizza, Manhattan Meatlovers and Four seasons (sa wakas nagsawa na kaming 2 sa NY Finest) and 2 orders of Hot wings (love eeet! I like spicy foods). Right beside YC is SB so we went there for frappe. Of course my forever fave Chocolate Chip Cream (which Bry said is not available in CA), our companions chose Coffee Jelly and White Chocolate Mocha. Haaaay it's indeed a bochog day for us. Ansarap kumain ng kumain pero ang hiraaaaap magpapayat. Hahaha!

My heart and my stomach are just sooooo happy that I wanted to share my happiness with this blog entry.


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