Wednesday, January 4, 2012


‎"Are you the easy-to-get,easy-to-forget type or the worth-waiting-marrying type? Make yourselves valuable ladies. It's you who create your own image. Self-respect is the answer."

‎"Never ever let your happiness depend on anyone else other than yourself, so that if in any situation you are caught alone and torn, it's gonna be painless. There's no one else that could understand yourself but only you. -stone hearted"

‎"Men are given strength to protect women and it doesn't mean you have the privilege to abuse or hurt them. Remember, the person who carried you for many months and experienced a lot of pain just for you to be alive now is a woman."

"Find a man who loves you not because your beautiful,sexy or hot because all of these could just change and go away.Look for someone who knows what is meant by commitment & responsibility;the difference between a relationship & a game.A man who is faithful indeed and knows how to love truly.And when you find him,it's like you found a needle in a haystack."

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