Sunday, January 29, 2012

My first meet up with a co-blogger at Trinoma and Best Crispy Pata at Diner Soft

Last Jan 29, Sunday, I had my first ever meet up with another beauty blogger, Nadj of Ateenadj.
I first discovered her thru twitter. She's from Iligan City but now staying at Quezon City for her exam while I work somewhere in Q.C. so we decided to meet up. We initially decided to meet on Monday but she had a scheduled interview on the same day so moved it earlier. I have no idea on places to go in Q.C. aside from the vicinity where I am working. She initially suggested for SM North but I asked her if it's okay if we meet in Trinoma at 3pm instead, Nadj agreed (yey!) and weeeeee here's the story of our meet up there... :)

I was with my bf, Bryan. We arrived a bit early than 3pm so we decided to eat first, we weren't able to have proper lunch because I woke up late (sorry!). We should have went first to the office then to Trinoma that's why it was sched at 3pm LOL pero dahil ang lola nyo late nagising, straight to trinoma na kami.We had a late lunch at Max's. I wanted to dine in Conti's but the waiting line was soooo long we couldn't stand it. We went out the store with three slices of Mango Bravo and head to Max's (his fave chicken). Nadj was already en route to Trinoma when I texted her.
Bry's fave, Max's Chicken
When sis Nadj texted me na she's at Max's na, I looked for her around. Ang lola mo nasa labas pala haha, she waved her hand and then yey! sya na nga! :)

Photo  from Nadj
Natouch ako sis T.T
First few minutes was the typical get-to-know time over the Mango Bravo and ice tea. Sorry Nadj! I didn't know you don't like cakes much pala. I like this kasi kaya I got you din...didn't know talaga! :/
The Mango Bravo Cake
Other cakes from Conti's

Nadj handed me a gift. She texted me the night before our meet up if I like nail polishes and I answered yes. Lahat ng kakikayan taglay ko mga bakla, Chos! Pero seriously, naka red nail polish pa ko ng nagmeet kami haha. Partida nagduduty ako ah, for kikay sake when I have no duty, todo nail polish. If may duty na, hello acetone na ko. She said she doesn't use much nail polish so she gave this to me, so sweet!  Forgot to take a photo of the chocolate I gave her. Thank you dear! :*

After merienda together, we strolled at Landmark to look for the famous Landmark brushes including si JENNY! Hahaha! Nasaan ka Jenny ang drama namin ni Nadj. It was on the lower floor pala, we saw Goody, hair accessories and etc. while on our way to escalator. Some chit-chat while walking towards the makeup counters about our common fave gurus. 

Finally we met Jenny and the other Landmark brushes!
I was actually expecting a table like what I saw from Sabrina of MissCoryPotts but anyway, given the fact na antagal ko bago nakapunta kay Jenny, malamang nagaayos din ang Landmark noh?! Sab's post was Sept last year pa. Hahaha!

Here's what Nadj and I saw...
Brush set for P499.75.
It looks nice but it sheds, noh sis Nadj? I checked one face brush e, but we didn't checked on the eye brushes. It's soft too but not dense enough. Pero aminin, nice brush case oh, bongga na sa 5humbers (500) pesos yan friend! Pasok na din sa banga! Medyo carry na for the price.
Eye brushes and nice holder
Face brushes and eye brushes
I was actually eyeing for a soft affordable face brush for my mom but there was no affordable face brush there. The good quality face brush costs like P4h plus. So we end up getting 2 Jenny brushes for the both of us and a very precise eyeliner brush na natripan ko lang.

Here's mine, took some photos after I got home.
We strolled around the Beauty Cosmetics area in Landmark.
My mom asked me to buy Jazzy James Cooper Cream Foundation but it wasn't available in Landmark.
Here are the other stuffs that I got from there.
Maybelline Falsies Mascara P499(which is not available in my area so I grabbed the opportunity), Jocarste Glitter Nail Polish P39 (Fave color syempre!) and Lash Curler Foam for just P14.25
After Landmark we parted ways already.
Thank you so much sis Nadj for the time. It was fun looking around the makeup counters with you! Revlon, ELF, Wet n' Wild, LA Colors, EB, FS, Cinema Secrets, Maybelline, Covergirl, Shawill, PAC and LOLA (first time I saw these last two brands, matagal na ba to or sadyang taga bundok lang ako?LOL) and others. MAC na ayaw kong daanan para walang temptation hahaha! Nagulat ako sa same bday natin, Aries rocks! Thanks for sharing with me your previous meet-ups din. Until next time sis Nadj! Thank you for being nice. I had a great time! We'll keep in touch fooosure! :)

Bry and I went to SM Bacoor for my mom's cream foundation.
My feet hurts. Look at my wounds from  an abrasive foot scrub.
 Bryan bought me a comfortable flats.
Lagi kaming nagraracing magbayad sa counter pero naunahan ako e!So technically he bought this for me.
Thanks bhe! :*
I like to wear any type of foot wear. Flats, heels, slippers, name it! A casual, classy or just a hippie footwear would do for me as long as it suits my taste. What's important to me is my style preference, the color and if it's comfortable to wear. BTW I'm size 6.
Then we went ahead to the cosmetics section.
We got the following for my mudra:
(Oh well papel, kala nyo ba kayo lang dapat nagpapaganda, dapat mga mothers din, cmon! Para mainlove lalo ang mga daddys! chos! hahaha! :p)

Culprit why we needed to drop by SM Bacoor.

In fairness!!! I likey! Havey na havey this brush for the price mga beki! But this one is for mudra. Need to buy one for myself.

Shock ako may Lash Grip don, got mine last time from MOA pa. Then fortunately they have the always OS (out of stock) na Fanny Serrano Eyeliner Pen. BTW Thanks again Bryan for paying this two. Nakakahiya na uber T.T
Then after SM Bacoor we went to DINER SOFT for dinner with his family and relatives (again).
It was his nephew's 13th bday. HAPPY BDAY JOREL!
I was hesitating to come since kain nalang kami ng kain, tapos lagi nila kong nililibre, sunod sunod na araw na.
Nakakahiya T.T
Pero masarap talaga 'yung mga kinakainan nila, new restaurants for me to know and masarap din naman talaga magluto sa kanila kung may parties and events sila. Sa'min kasi sa house di masyado sa lutong bahay, no one really cooks here though may house helper kami. More on pastas, frieds, sweets and chips LOL.
And Bry really insisted, para daw malaman ko bakit niya gusto don.
And true to his words! Food there was indeed delicious!
Walang panama yung Tagaytay namin, mas mahal pa.

The best Crispy Pata and Baby Back Ribs that I've tasted is here at DINER SOFT.
It's located in Imus, Cavite near Our Lady of Pillar Medical Center.
I'm not sure if they have other branch in other areas.

There yummy Baby Back Ribs! I love the sauce! Ooooh Lala!

Bry & Kuya Eric's Favorite! Haha! CRISPY PATA!

Pork Sisig

Bryan and his relatives dropped me home safely.
I went straight to my throne in comfort room. LOL!jk!

Meet up with Nadj +  Our Monthsarry Date (29) with Bry here in P.I. + Kikay Haul + Super Nom Nom
It was such an awesome day!!! :)
Thank you!


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