Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My 2012 Valentine's Day! :)

My flowers for Feb 14, 2012! :)

He gave it with love,
And I accepted it with the same...

Flowers are like love...
Take care of it & it will bloom like now,
It had always been and will always be...

All the bouquet of flowers he gave me over this past 3 years always last long.
I like to arrange them differently everyday and let every rose/tulip bloom.
I love receiving bouquets, feeling beauty queen ang petite niyong bakla! Hahaha!
My favorite are red and purple tulips and roses. What's yours?

You'll know the difference,
Some flowers were left sitting on the table, dying slowly without being taken care of.
 Some bouquets went straight to the trash can, dumped and wasted aww!
and few was arranged and taken care of with love. :)

(CHOS! Kadrama!)
Anyways NOMNOMNOM time,
Here's what we feasted...

Together with Bryan's family and relatives..
Andami naming chaperon noh! Hahahaha!
Aba mga sponsors namin mga yan! Hahaha!:)

The Bhe Bhe's :D

Read our story HERE.
Bryan will leave P.I. again in March 1 (sob)
Anyways, I uber duper enjoyed every single day with him.
It's valentines everyday since he came home... :)

How was your valentine's day?
Hope it was fun too!
BTW We watched THE VOW the day after.
It's a wonderful story..Try it! :)

Thank you so much reading...


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