Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My 2012 New Year's Resolutions


I just want to share a little piece of me, more of my personal thoughts and random soliloquy.

Forgive me if I have to do this on Tagalog-English because honestly speaking, I'm not good on English. (That's actually included in my resolution haha!) I'm going to do this post in a more informal way, like a continuous essay writing. Just imagine me really talking haha.

1. Spend less this 2012. Gosh! Now, I really have to commit myself on this resolution. Being a fresh graduate is tough. Syempre mahiya ka naman sa parents mo, it's now time to give back to them. Literal na ansakit sa ulo maghanap ng new job I swear. Even though my backer, sa dami ng population ng Registered Nurse sa Pilipinas e good luck talaga. Plus if you're like me who loves so many kikay thing-y, it would be really (100x) hard to save up *sigh*. So this year, I'll lessen online shopping, compulsive buying and unnecessary mallings. GOOD LUCK TO ME, No... I mean GOOD LUCK TO US! Haha!

2. Be more mature. I'm such a baby if you notice. I mean not a baby na infant please! Haha! I have so many juvenile actions and etc. However, I know when and where to act like one but this coming year, I'd prefer to lessen it. Oh well, I'm not a teenager anymore! 20 na ko huhuhu!

3. Be less sensitive. I easily get affected whenever I receive negative feedbacks. I don't know how to explain this well either. I guess because I'm not a mean person so I'm not used with that. You can always say your suggestions and negative comments in a nice way. Kelangan ba talaga laging galit? Haha! And I also don't really mind other people's business as much as I don't want them to mind mine. I don't react so badly if it doesn't affect my life naman. Added the fact that I don't really rant on others. To me, we are all unique individuals with different personalities. If ever I don't seem to like a person then just leave a space between you and him/her, that way you'll avoid clashing of your opposing characters. A good friend of mine taught me this: Sometimes it's better to zip your mouth and be mature enough to understand that not all things end up as the way you wanted it to be. You're all about ranting on someone/something but you just don't know who rants back on you. No one's perfect, not even you nor I. Sometimes, silence and understanding is the best way. So yeah, I've come to live up with those words she said, specially if it has nothing to do with me or to the people I care for. I'll still be that same person but this coming year, I also have to be a tougher person than who I am now. Di naman yung katulad sa teleserye na bida na okay lang sa'kin kawawain haha. I'm not that good but I'm not bad. I'll just react brutally(jk), badly if you're really getting into my nerves. Kiber nalang sa mga bad vibes. Ignore and wish them well. 

4. Avoid procrastination. Haha! *guilty much* I've been such a lazy ass this late year. I hate to admit but I have to change this attitude. >.<

5. Have proper time management. I need to balance my time bonding with my family, long distance boyfriend and friends, as well as keeping my profession and passion. Keeping in touch with everyone is easier because of updated technologies and gadgets (Special mention to applications like fb, skype and viber.I don't really text that often anymore) so there's really no excuse to your loved ones. If there's a will, there's a way. In reference to my profession and passion, it's easier for me to keep them balance, I don't have to skip classes and miss my lessons since I'm already a graduate. That's actually the main reason why I just started now, education weighs more for me and nursing course demands a lot of time. 'Yung tipong paggising mo wala pang araw, pag labas mo wala na din sya. Tapos paguwi mo kelangan mo pa mag-aral para sa 5 quizzes bukas. All my effort is not put to waste naman. I'm happy with the institution I graduated and the rate that I obtained in NLE. 

6. Learn how to commute in Manila. OMG, this is really hard for me. I can only commute alone if it's just Tagaytay ('til Magallanes Square only LOL) and Cavite areas (Bacoor is the farthest). I'm always the type of person na, Nasaan na ba ako?! 

7. Expand my vocabulary skills. *epistaxis* Haha! Tama na muna ang pagkabeki, time to learn new REAL languages na for me. I'll really try to work on this. :)

8. I'll still continue to be a little different from others. I don't know, I've always wanted to be unique. IDC if that's the fad, I'll search for my own new finds haha. Well, that's me! Ano gayahan nalang ba tayo dito friend? Haha! I'm loving myself that way so I'll still continue it until next year.

9. Drink more water. Have proper discipline on food and exercise.

10. Lessen the times of being timid, moody and aloof with everyone. Lessen the love for privacy LOL. I don't know, I'm just so weird like that.

I guess that's it. I could not think of further resolutions for next year. I might as well keep this private after January something. I just wanted to share myself for a while but only for short span of time. I'm not really comfortable with this "personal sharing" but I enjoyed typing this haha. How ironic! If you can read this, I'd love to know if we jive or not. What are your N.Y. resolutions? I'll update myself on Dec 2012 if I was successful on this. I was half successful on my 2011 year hehe.



(Was originally up on my beauty blog but yeah...I already deleted it there and posted here.)

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