Wednesday, January 4, 2012


"Success is the summary of Sweat of hardships, Unconditional faith to God, Courage to move forward, Capacity to endure pain, Ethics and Morality must never be forgotten, Self-discipline and Self actualization."-Jannah

‎"The secret to success is to be only find by you alone. Work your mind, body and soul altogether towards the fulfillment of your dreams. Keep the faith, never give up and when you reach the top, don't forget to look down and be grateful to those people who helped you. Don't let your success blind you or else you might fall deeper than what you are when you've started on zero."-Jannah

"Life is demanding.If you want to be successful,do it,not just say it.Time runs fast & the world wouldn't wait for you.Make your life worth living.Let your love ones be proud of you.Be an achiever or a loser?It's only you who could decide."-Jannah

"Little piece of advice: Those who were left behind are usually the people who always want to be ahead of others. Hunger for recognition, fame and material possession are roots of enviousness, jealousy and competition. Learn how to be contented with who you are and what you have. From then, you'll learn how to be happy of what others have gained and achieved. Remember, being bitter will not make your life better."-Jannah

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