Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tips on Passing Nursing Licensure Examination

1. Study months before the NLE. Make sure you're well prepared. To avoid cramming to much, read at least one chapter or one concept a day. Read and read and read. Constant reading will enhance your memory. As you read make sure you understand every detail.
2. If you enrolled on a review center, don't rely too much on them. It helps so much if you still read other resources aside from what they are giving. If you believe too much when they say, "Mark this, it will be on the NLE." and other false reassurance  hence you'll feel more lax and focus only on memorizing what they said. Don't rely on "leakages", study everything, nobody knows what's the real content of the exam aside from the BON.
3. Know what is the specialty area of BON members, they are the ones who make the exam so most probably, they will include their areas of specialty.
4. Know proper techniques on answering questions and shading the answer sheet. Practice answering questions aside from studying lectures and reading books. Shade the entire box completely but not too hard and not too light. Use a good pencil and eraser. Time yourself while answering.
5. Have an ocular visit to the place or school you are assigned. Check if you could fit on the chairs especially if you're fat or too tall. This may also help to lessen the anxiety before exam.
6. Don't forget to pray so the Almighty One will guide you.
7. Have at least 1-2 days of relaxation before the exam date.

1. Make sure you bring all the requirements, better to prepare them before the examination date itself. Don't be late. Follow general rules and proper attire.
2. Eat breakfast but skip eating heavy meals or drinking excessive liquids, you can't excuse yourself for comfort rooms while exam is going on.
3. Understand what the question is all about. Analyze what concept is being asked by the situation, most likely the answer must be under the same concept.
4. Most  questions are very tricky, they would include so many details in the question then just end up on a simple question which you can answer even without  reading the whole question. One of their technique to waste your time.
5. Sometimes, the right answer seems weird or funny so don't neglect considering choices like those.
6. If 2 of the choices are opposing each other, most likely the answer is just either one of them.
7. Consider the most specific choice if the question is asking for a particular answer while consider general choices when all of the other choices could be under that. "Umbrella technique".

1. Anxiety time and don't forget to pray.
2. Relax and pamper yourself. You need that after so much stress. School days are finally over!
3. Make use of your time properly while waiting for the examination result.
So far that's all I can say and GOODLUCK FUTURE NURSES! :)

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